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jesse jackson, jr. stole campaign money and blew it on a fur cape, a mounted elk head and a used michael jackson fedora. >> bad decision. >> great decision making on what he bought. >> coming up, we got diane cannon. >> how long do you wait before  >> attention "tmz" viewers do you love "tmz" so much you want to wear it on your body? before you get that painful tattoo, check out the "tmz" store. we've got everything like shirts and hats and beanies and more shirts. got a cold dog, then you're a horrible owner so get him a dog hoodie. love to drink coffee, then pick up a hat. >> want to be like harvey? no. well you can still buy a sippy cup any way. come to "tmz" where our motto is all major credit cards accepted. >> you're looking at the most hated man in u.s. politics. a man who stole almost a million bucks from his campaign and blew it on -- well really cool stuff. jesse jackson, jr. and this video is about to get awesome. >> we got jesse jackson, jr. in d.c. it's the first time since he pled guilty to spending $750,000 on personal stuff. >> a f
it is like to work and live together. they will >> in entertainment news, fans of michael jackson may want to make plans to get to vegas. >> a new show -- it is opening this summer. it is called "michael jackson grumman one a." -- "michael jackson i." the show is the second collaboration between this company and jackson's estate. the first production was the traveling show. >> cynne simpson and arch campbell are in california to cover the academy awards. >> did you see him in his tuxedo? before he left, he gave us his tips for who he thinks will be the big winners. >> this is oscar buzz. many oscar contest feel like a good election, too close to call. >> all men are created equal. >> jones was the early favorite to win best supporting actor. his competition includes robert deniro, the obsessive compulsive father. >> when light reaches out like a moment, it is the senate to not treat -- cannot reach back. >> i think his rousing finale speech will win and best supporting actor. >> having sex with everybody in the office. >> any women? >> yes. >> how about the best actors contest? jennifer la
. >> hahgo las pelicuÍculas de ado para afuera. >> jackson guiterrez salto a la flmama con abordes de barrio, i pelicuÍculas del sector de peta. >> fui un joven descarrilado, a matratado. >> esteactor aprendio en las l pelicuÍculas de jackson, y ah r trabaja en un canal profesional. >> sal de tÚ casa montate una a camioneta y vivew el momento q que te bota. >> linchamientos, ajustes de e cuentas y mÁs son las historias que escucha jackson guiterrez, s sueÑa con algÚn dÍa pasearse en la alfombra roja. >> en algunas partes de caracas son m,as vendidas que las de l hollywood. >> una fan de sus pelicuÍculas l le acerca para pedirle los au g autogradfos. >> es la realidad de hoy en dÍa. >> lo mÁs importante de jackson es no perder la humildad, no j deja de atender a sus clientes en su barberia de petare, desde caracas daniel garrido. >> es la pelicÍcula con realism. >> asÍ llegamos al final, sig siganos en twitter y
other democrats in trouble including former detroit mayor kwame kilpatrick and jesse jackson junior. >>> with the departure of pope benedict, the catholic church is in a period of transition. there is a trend that has many catholics disturbed. religious correspondent lauren green on what is happening to catholic schools. >> they are frustrated that the school's close at the end of the year. >> when the decision time came, we were sure we met the goal. we at no time think it would close. then we felt it was in vain. >> in the 1950s, catholic schools were 13,000 nationally. today is less than 7,000. since 2000, 24% drop in number of schools. new york archdiocese of schools says this is not an academic issue. this is a finance issue. >> the cost per child is at an elementary school. roughly $6200. we artificially set tuition lower to make it as affordable as possible for all children and then we take it upon ourselves to make up the difference. >> attendance at mass down choosthere are fewer people choosing to make it a priority. >> if you're not a regular church-goer, perhaps getting
>>> hi. i'll kai jackson. -- i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm mary bubala. >> we have a winter weather advisory in effect for parts of maryland now. outside, it's partly cloudy. and the weather is hovering. let's go to tim williams. you told us about this, tim. >> you know, kai, it's the latest in our series of little skirmishes. little blasts of winter weather that comes through. first warning doppler radar shows what has really come into the area. really a batch of the portion that came across the lower west. it really hit some very dry air. and started to break up. the problem that we had is that the cold air is very close by. the dew point is at 23. cold air aloft is very, very cold. and it's cold enough to make some of this freezing rain. we have temperatures above freezing. that's the direction that this is coming in. but as it starts to mix in this afternoon, we are starting to see potential for a bit of sleet again and freezing rain. national weather service has issued this weather advisory for the areas you see there, shaded until
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an impact on each and everyone of us. >> hallie jackson has the latest. the deadline is fast approaching. >> one week away. nobody is on capitol hill. politicians on monday morning will be back. the half to get down to work to figure out how to avoid the cuts. the cuts could cost 750,000 estimated jobs and slow down the economy. president obama is still keeping up public pressure on republicans. he had good conversation with gop leaders like john boehner and mitch mcconnell. both sides are at an impasse. we expect a lot of governors to weigh in. some will be talking with the president at the white house in the next couple of days. >> what kind of effect will have in baltimore? >> you could see it longer lines at the airport, potentially shorter hours. the smaller airports may have a problem with that. a lot of workers could be furloughed if the cuts go through. people will see less money from unemployment. issues with the border control in more southern states along the border. you could see shorter hours at national parks. >> hallie jackson, thank you. >> 30 degrees at the airport. >> b
everyone of us. hallie jackson joins us live. the deadline is not far away. >> one week away. time is running out. nobody is on capitol hill. politicians on monday morning will be back. they have to figure out how to avoid these cuts. they will slow down the economy. negotiations have not gone anywhere. president obama had good conversations with john boehner and mitch mcconnell. the first time the president has talked to mcconnell in weeks. president is going to a military talent in virginia next week. many governors are in town for a yearly meeting and some will be going to the white house to talk to the president. >> what kind of effects will we feel in maryland? >> people of work will get less money from unemployment. look at the furloughs you will see for many federal workers. long lines at security checkpoints at airports. park rangers could be furloughed as well. not to mention all the military impact. >> hallie jackson, thank you. >> the winner of the mega millions during claimed the jackpot on thursday appeared she wants to remain anonymous and purchased the ticket from a
verdicts in the michael jackson trial. front page photo caption, san francisco chronicle june 14, 2005. after the bleeding the blood spattered walls draw the gaze of children wanting to see what has caused such a noise. how can they not stair. arms and legs, pieces of torso scattered, the smell of new death and feared hair. they must be asking the same question. a person who blows themselves up must believe in something. must believe in something or else not. hopelessness degreesed in apnigzs, righteousness disguised in a tuxedo of death much the children don't understand. i being of the dead dying man the bleeding bystanders who left to buy cheese or tobacco. in car bombs suicide bombs and we keep talking as though this will end like the final judgment of that black man who looks white and sleeps with boys but doesn't touch them. after the bleeding the children's shoes will be forever stained in the crimson color of death. who will set the doves free then. >> the next is sdaefrt on the horizon. i'm sure many of you have seen or heard regularly in the news. my father came from iran so
jackson's son with the men of "oz" for "e.t." >> find out what james franco told me when the director revealed he wasn't the first choice for the role. >>> we're on the set of kevin costner and his young son. >> they've both met girls. >>> what's hot on tv this weekend? >> we're teaming up with papa john's to break it all down with our better weekend guide. >> we all fly out together as a film crew. >> start off your weekend with the cia thriller "argo." >> i need you to help me make a fake movie. >> you want to come to hollywood and act like a big shot without actually doing anything? >> yeah. >> you'll fit right in. >> ben affleck produces, directs and stars in the film. based on a declassified true story. >> you have 72 hours to get them out. >> "argo" is nominated for seven oscars. you can see it on blu-ray and dvd now. >> everything's got to be real. >>> another hot pick, the daytona 500. danica patrick starts in the poll position for nascar's biggest race. catch all the action sunday on fox. >>> the final ingredient for a better weekend. we showed you earlier, sunday night is al
jackson explains the suspect was running an animal rescue group. kai? >> reporter: baltimore county police say what the man practiced regarding animals and what he preached were polar opposites. >> an operator called itself. baltimore animal rescue network. $but baltimore county police say barn, as its known, was a fraud, and accused its leader of not helping and abusing animals. >> reporter: the research shows the conditions were unsanitary. the dogs had very little room to move. they were crowded together, and the conditions were just filthy. >> reporter: on thursday, police arrested 29-year-old anthony gere. he was charnlged with 23 gownt -- charged with 23 counts of animal cruelty. police say gere would keep the animals in horrible conditions and later try to sell the animals. >> reporter: police tell eyewitness news that investigators have been watching the suspect and handling these animals since october of 2012. >> reporter: barn has its own facebook page. police say 18 puppy and 5 dogs were seized january 14. 5 of the puppies were in s
in the spotlight? >>> then, michael jackson's son prince. >> i have a lot to say. >> as an e.t. correspondent. >> i just turned 16, do you have any advice for someone who's looking to get into the business? >>> why is matt lauer missing from "today"? >>> and new concerns about the health of robin roberts. >> the fist bumping got me in trouble with my doctor. >> i just felt i was slipping away. >> what she only told me about who helped her come back. >> all i could hear was my name, robin, robin. >>> bradley, jennifer and the countdown to oscar sunday is in
and jackson's estate. the first production was a traveling show. name one will start with preview performances in may and officially premier in june at the mandalay resort. >> i've never seen one of those shows. >> how about the weather? >> doled start your day. we are going to be deal with the potential -- and i do want to emphasize again light wintry mix. this will not be a major deal. there could be enough in a few spots that there could be enough to cover the ground. >> random things coming out of your mouth on friday morning. >> let's get to the maps. it is cold. 32 at reagan national. trying to have some fun. >> you are making us laugh. >> the entire area is at or below freezing. particularly north and west where we've really hardened down the freeze. these temperatures will be critical later today. we get what we call overrunning. moisture moving in over this very cold surface temperature. the temperatures will be slow to budge. anywhere we are below freezing, we have the greatest potential for icing. winchester, you are 28 degrees as well. 20s off to the north and west. it is cold enou
abused. i'm kai jackson, i'll tell you what the story is all about and the person in trouble coming up. >> i'm sharon gibala with wjz traffic control. if you're about to head out not very many problems. we will tell you if there are any and where they are. >> if you're a fan of dave berry, you're lucky. he joins us on coffee with to talk about his latest novel his first in a decade called insane city. stay tuned. what a beautiful stay start this is. red sky in the morning, sailor take warning rain on the way. first warning details when we come back right. >>> it's 6:30. it looks like we have the making for a dramatic sunrise this morning. any drama on your drive? sharon will let you know after marty's first warning weather. >> light moisture out to the west will be here by midday and start as a slight before becoming all rain. 30 on tv hill. that's 7 warmer than this time yesterday. it's western maryland that has the winter weather advisory in effect, not central or points east. at lunch on its way to a high of maybe 37. light mix resip to begin, rain through the afternoon and tomorrow
jackson. >> that's right. check out michael there, formed from legos and dancing only the way the king of pop could. it's the work of an animator in berlin. >> every time those lego blocks move, another shot has to be taken, and then they have to be edited together. nearly, nearly as impressive as rob doing his own michael jackson. >> the work of animators is pretty impressive. >> i can't even begin to fathom how long that took, and how many people were involved. >> the work they put into that, are you kidding me? >> i can't do anything with a lego. >> i can't compete with that. i'm not even going to try. i've done it before, people have seen it. >> it's friday. >>> coming up, real-life pain for lady gaga and her road to recovery. >> and the road to hollywood fame is especially remarkable for a movie making teenager from afghanistan. he's up for an oscar. you're watching "world news now." i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance
. of course, her boyfriend, phil jackson, soon to be her husband if you go through with it. riley, of course magic and shaq. it was well done. they had all the people important to jerry's franchise up there speaking. magic is giving the old l with his fingers. that's the laker's sign. >> he gave me everything i wanted. i wanted one excuse and he gave it to me. the third extension, he traded me. >> the celebration of life. this is a celebration of suspect. we shouldn't be sad. we should be happy that this man enjoyed his life and did it his way. >> east coast arguments out of boston, but that is very well under bus, the greatest franchise in nba history. most of pro football gathered in indianapolis for the college scouting combine. so everybody is talking. they are wondering what about alex smith's future. obviously he's not working out. i have to say this, i love you, i love you, until i find somebody i love better and that's what happened to harbaugh. trent is speaking today about randy moss. that also was a big question on everybody's mind. again, the word on smith is the 49ers are not
. >> how do you have a successful relationship? the spotlight? >>> then, michael jackson's son prince. >> i have a lot to say. >> as an e.t. correspondent. >> i just turned 16 do you have any advice? >> why is matt lauer missing from "today"? and new concerns about the health of robin
to al sharpton and jesse jackson, he continues to use this blanket statement that all these rich people are against you and i'm the guy in favor of you. and he was speaking to that audience which i'm not sure that the president actually believes that, to be honest with you, i think he knows that's how he sells this to the al sharpton jesse jackson world and every republican is evil, rich and white and i'm fighting them, so be on my team. i think it's as simple as that. >> i don't think he said every republican is evil, rich and white. and again in the position that the republicans had other than cut taxes and cut spending. what have they offered to put on the table and john boehner says let the white house do it and he doesn't come up himself with any solutions and points the fingers at everybody else. >> and i think, alan, i think he's come up with some solutions and i don't think that anybody, if the white house gives a rat's rear end and-- >> and we went through an election where we heard mitt romney and others talk about what the republicans stand for, limited government and traditi
to take such a stand. hollywood with samuel l. jackson depicted former richmond high school coach ken carter who in 1999 benched his entire team and padlocked the gym for failing grades and attitude. are you the modern day coach carter? [ laughter ] >> uhm, i guess so. [ laughter ] >> i guess so. >> okay. gunderson will host carmel tonight in the opening round. the nfl combine is under way in indianapolis and new panthers general manager dave getle man found out he is not the main attraction. >> it's basically you know similar to what we did in new york. [ inaudible ] >> you know, it's -- [ inaudible ] table 2. table 3. roger table 3. [ laughter ] >> evaluate some of the talent. >> great attitude. >> good sport. >> 49ers information are they going to try and get rid of alex smith? this is the time when they find out if there are any takers. so far that does not appear to be the case. >> really? >> nobody. >> i think they expect alex -- they want his release and they are not going to pay that much in return. >> thank you. the latest news and
. >> michael jackson's estate contacted them and said well done. >> if you watch -- not the call of duty one, but it talks about how evil the propaganda machine is from beauty care products to george bush. you are watching it going, this is what my friends in new york say every day. >> it could have been done downtown. >> send kim jung-u.n "zero dark 30". >>> so a lawsuit be filed over a love child? a 33-year-old missouri woman is suing a drug company after receiving a letter from the firm telling her her birth control pills with not in the correct order three months after she became pregnant. she gave birth in early 2012 and filed a lawsuit against the company earlier this month, and what is she suing for? the cost it takes to raise a child which i believe is in the hundreds of dollars. >> let's go to the center of the story for comment. >> i believe that was a frog. that wasn't actually the child. would you do the same thing if you were in her shoes? we haven't looked it up yet. i'm assuming she has shoes. if you were wearing her shoes, would you sue? >> i think she has a case. i don't thi
watch is in effect. south of jackson. this includes hattiesburg, mississippi, and we're into the evening period. remember, it was going to be two weeks this coming sunday, they had an ef-4. it will lose severity overnight, which is great news. but as snow continues to make its way to the great lakes, here are a few totals for you. call ahead if you have a flight in chicago, 6.3. minneapolis, 3.5. green bay, 3. we won't see large totals, jake. the storm is just beginning. as it moves toward areas of the ohio valley, the northeast saturday for new york city, looking at rain mainly, boston, looking at a little bit of a mix, change over to rain. but the flood problems will continue in the deep south. we could see four to six inches of rain by tuesday. >>> now let's get the latest on some other stories we're following. susan hendricks joins us with a "360" bulletin. >>> three people killed and at least three other injured in a fiery six-vehicle crash along the las vegas strip. police say just before the accident, a gunman in an. suxt v shot into a car at a stoplight. and that car ran into a t
that. >>> james monroe. >> jackson. >> you can't give two answers. >> what is that? >> we are, of course, here in miami. >> oh, no, no! >> yeah. let's get to work! >>> 8:56 is your time now on this february 22nd, 2013, good morning. i'm eun yang. today a montgomery county teacher will appear in court saying he repeatedly sexually abused two students. he teaches in rockville. police say he touched two 11-year-old girls inappropriately on several occasions this school year. he is on administrative leave. a quick break and weath >>> good morning, at midmorning, we have passing south of washington a fast-moving snow shower now moving through the north neck of virginia and north of there a few scattered flurries around. those with us off and on perhaps through the afternoon. did get a brief dusting. shenandoah valley, this picture from earlier this morning. rain likely tomorrow. danella, how's traffic. >>> checking on a water main break ap opiate open
with kai jackson. >> reporter: snow, wind and ice, are blamed for at least two deaths and many accidents. >> reporter: as the wintry storm blew across the state of illinois, there was only one way to describe it. >> it's freezing. and the wind is terrible. cold. >> reporter: earlier thursday, traffic crawled to a near standstill here, as the snow began to fall, stranding cars, it's part of the same massive system that crippled kansas. parts of the state got nearly a half foot of snow. and that's not all. a mix of thunder and lightning made for an unusual event called thunder snow. across the midwest, icy, snowy roads, create a treacherous driving conditions. >> see the roads, ice. it's dangerous. >> reporter: on one slick road, a minivan slid directly into a stoplight before the giant pole came crashing down. and in the town of lawrence, kansas, a car erupted in the flames as it tried to climb a snowy hill. for much of the day, a 200-mile stretch of a major highway highway in kansas, interstate 70, was closed. the plows were out in full force, trying
have been reporttd. 3 conraddmmrray... the doctor coovicted ffr michael & jackson's death... is being porced tt meet with thh late singer's mother... for a video-taped depositton.he'll be sked questions related tt a wrongful death lawwuit... ""-e-g live."the suit claiis the promoters ccused the king of pop's death by putting tooo much resssue oo him to prepareefor his comeback tour. & murray is currently serving involunttry manslaughter.&3 a new studd inns that buy t stores... is misllbeled. phat's according to research by the environmmnttl dvocacy group, "oceana."tte group pollected more than 12-hundred seafood samples from grocery stores, restaurants and sushi venuessin 1 states.according 3 ccmmonly misllbeled fish was snapper... which mostly urned -3 oot to be rockffsh or tilapia. & mislabeled rate... followed by: cod, sslmoo, yelloottil, - halibut and grouper. 3& a new jerrey family is taking home renovations... to new sea bright is raising their house 12-feet... after it was floooed y super storm sandy. the hope the move will keep it prom f
of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current. [ piano plays ] troy polamalu's going deeper. ♪ ♪ and so is head & shoulders deep clean. [ male announcer ] with 7 benefits it goes deep to remove grease, gunk and flakes. deep. like me. [ male announcer ] head & shoulders deep clean for men. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> desperately depressed, i turned to the one thing that could lessen my pain -- >> announcer: >> stephanie: yep. yep. yep. it is the "stephanie miller show." thirty-four minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. john fugelsang with us. an woman trying to make an evening snack ended up in the hospital after a round of ammunition exploded inside the oven. her friend placed a magazine in the oven. so she was shot by her oven. okay. so that happened. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: we have been talking about -- oh boy -- great piece in "mother jones" called ten pro gun myths shot down. the author of that piece dave gils
did not kill kathleen. defense attorney joey jackson is on the case. joey, good to see you again. the defense asked for a retrial. it got denied. will peterson ever get a new trial, or what circumstances would he? >> it seems unlikely, fredricka. now what the attorneys were trying to do was to get him a new trial under ineffective assistance of counsel grounds and that means basically that my lawyer messed up in common, plain english. the are problem is that this is a matter of trial strategy. briefly with regard to the trial, it was hotly contested testimony that was allowed in. hearsay testimony, right? there were his wife who went missing, was allowed to it testify from the grave saying, i fear him. he's going to kill me and, are guess what, she did die. his fourth wave, who he has not been charged for, as you noted, also statements were allowed in and harry smith, a divorce attorney from his fourth wife, was called by the defense, and the defense in eliciting testimony said on the stand could i -- this was his testimony as he testified. he testified that his fourth wave, stac
pounds. this is the twins' father, paul jackson. >> the nurses in the nicu, they're very honest. they say it. they told me up front that, things look pretty good now but to be honest with you, that the next 48, 72 hours, they said, things can turn very quickly. >> reporter: and turn it did. when they were only 3 weeks old, one of the twins was struggling to breathe. her heart rate was soaring. her oxygen level dropping quickly. she was turning blue. >> not only was she having spells but they were severe. >> reporter: a nurse had the novel idea of taking the stronger twin and putting her in the same incubator as her sister, a procedure that at the time had never been done before in the u.s. >> it was one of those things that was -- it happened very quickly. they couldn't move that much. a little bit of a squirm and the arm just went up. >> reporter: the healthier sister, kyree jackson, put her arm around her sister brielle. her breeting and vital signs instantly stabilized. the image captured by a newspaper photographer who happened to be at the hospital. the picture dubbed "the rescuing h
jackson. all the lives that buss has touched, shaq won 3 titles for mr. buss. let's hear from shaquile o'neal and madgic johnson. >> he gave me everything inwanted. i wanted an education tension, he gave it to me. i wanted a second extypings, he gave it to me. i wanted a third extension, he traded me. [ laughter ] >> this is a celebration of life. this is a celebration of success. we shouldn't be sad. we should be happy that this man enjoyed his life and did it his way. >> real whole thing today. >>> danica, danica, and more danica. she holds the pole position for daytona 500. here we go. harvick taking the checkered flag. he played it safe, finishing 17th in this event. danica, her car in one piece, just playing it cool, waiting for sunday. >> just trying to stay out of trouble for that last few laps. not a lot of fun to drop back light that, but it's the right thing to do. it's more important to start on the pole for the a daytona 500 than to get the last few lap of chaos. >>> the snow went away, allowing tiger woods to play some golf this afternoon. just outside tempe, arizona. the gr
say that? >> thank you. yeah, like that. >>> james monroe. >> jackson. >> you can't give two answers. >> what is that? >> we are, of course, here in miami. >> oh, no, no! >> yeah. let's get to work! >> good morning. here is a look at one of our top stories, maryland state police are investigating it that the beltway crash, the second in just two days. investigators say a car smashed into a tractor-trailer. the car's driver was ejected from the vehicle and struck >> lots of clout. a weather system moving in so you can see a light went remix today. variable winds at 10 miles per hour. seven-day forecast has that when premix try out a couple of days.
, jackson 5. label me love, i told you about that collection of music? >> oh, yes. >> this is a live look outside. we'll get the latest on weather and traffic from tucker and julie. now it's 11 minutes after 7:00. >> sounds good. >> uh-huh. ♪ some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. it's my coffee when i want it. you press a button, you have great dunkin' coffee. i got my coffee for the morning, i got my dunkin' k-cup packs for the rest of the day. only available at dunkin' donuts restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. >>> the washington capitals are running out of time to climb out of the bottom of the barrel. one-third of the nhl season is in the books. the caps were up 2-1. but the devils tied it up quickly. then with about 8 minutes left, the devils score the tie breaking goal on a power play, completing new jersey's 3-2 comeback victory. the caps are still in last place in the eastern conference. tough year for them. >>> in a couple of months, an arizona couple will welcome rg, just minus the 3.
-made disasters as well. i will bring in canvas jackson from the wall street journal mentioned report. if you don't read it you should. the mansion report comes out every friday. is a big special section and candace rights for it. am i right? it is a special section. >> weekly section. stuart: you are it. are you not? what do rich people, what are they doing to protect themselves? how much are they spending? >> this is one of the most interesting things happening in home building and no one knows about or talk about which is sort of a point and people are spending millions of dollars to secure their homes. essentially you have got some very wealthy people who are building basically bunker style homes, homes that can withstand anything from a nuclear bomb to a dirty bomb to category 5 hurricane. stuart: the whole house is a refuge. >> in some cases. in other cases they're building the normal house and a bunker below ground that might be 10,000 square feet where they could escape. stuart: 10,000 square foot bunker. that is gigantic. >> very comfortably of the too. stuart: like hours? >> in some ver
. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current. >> chatting with you live at this is the"full-court press." >> 33 minutes after the hour. how about it on a friday friday february 22nd. this is the full court press. we are coming to you live from our nation's capitol, brought to you today by the united steel workers and their great, cloufshl out spoken international president, leo gerard, north america's largest industrial union rep precepting over 1.2 million active and retired members. find out more about their good work at usw, hear friend of bill's with us brad woodhouse, his day job at the dnc. bless you. >> pardon me. >> only time i ever sneezed on the air in my entire broadcasting career, but i could feel it coming here. >> nothing you can do. >> nothing you can do about it that. >> all right. the super bowl academy awards. there are some great films, ann hornaday is the film cr
to a parallel and grant at the heart of chinatown leading up to jackson street. by 30 tomorrow, likely to be crowded. >> a german official as saying defense secretary leon that has told nato allies that the u.s. will leave between 8000 to 12,000 american troops in afghanistan after 2014 when combat bands.the german defense minister told reporters today that pan etta and informed him of the numbers. u.s. officials at yet to say publicly how many american jews were made in afghanistan after 2014. >> the driver of the maserati that was shot and killed and fiery crash along las vegas strip yesterday has been identified. he was an aspiring wrapper from oakland, kenneth jerry jr. known as canny clubs. the shooting started after an argument and a ballet area of the aria restaurant hotel. authorities say at least one person in the range rover shive the maserati which then ran a red light and crashed into a taxi. >> i can say that my son did not have a gun, the person in the car them did not have a gun. my son was not by let gary ballot canada jerry sr. says that his son kenneth jerry jr. also
monroe. >> jackson. >> you can't give two answers. >> what is that? >> we are, of course, here in miami. >> oh, no, no! >> yeah. let's get to work! >>> you're watching "today in the bay." >> good morning, everybody. it is now 8:56. i'm jon kelley. let's get right to the forecast and check out your friday outlook with christina loren. >> we have a great looking weekend shaping up. a little haze over san jose but mostly blue skies over the greater bay area. it will warm up nicely today. a 30-degree jump to where we are headed. nice rebound. crisp p.m. sunshine this weekend. more cloud cover tomorrow morning and drop your temperatures a touch from today's highs. otherwise, we'll warm right back up for sunday. 65 livermore, 63 san jose, 63 in los gatos. getting into the weekend cooling for saturday, sunday warm you right back up. then the 70s return. ♪ >>> welcome to a very special edition of "today" on this friday morning, february 22nd, 2013. our friday field trip in florida. you can see a little salsa going on. it is a party by the pool here. those are the women of dance south florida.
went skiing in jackson hole, wyoming. but there are some people who can't do these things. wake up in a morning and see a different face and i feel fortunate and lucky to have the recovery i did which allowed me to get to the point where i can become an advocate and share my story with people like you and your viewers. host: why do you think we have had a series of mass chootings, whether it is virginia tech, aurora, colorado, newtown, connecticut? guest: a part of that deals with easy access to firearms. there are too many people who leave their guns accessible to children or those with dangerous mental illness and sell guns to strangers without background checks. we should change that and improve that. i wanted to work with the brady campaign and spend time up here in congress. i think there is a lot of factors. but i think the one that separates us from the modern industrialize fd world is our accessibility to firearms. host: these are 2011 numbers, the most recent we were able to obtain from the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms which gives you the amount of firearms sold
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